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Calcium sulfate - elevated steel and wood flooring
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OA Intelligent Floor
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OA intelligent network activity Floor
OA Intelligent Floor
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Process characteristics:
OA intelligent network activity using high-quality metal plates were stretching the floor molding, spot welding, spraying. Cavity filled with fired cement filler is made of galvanized iron and cast aluminum alloy stent structure, highly adjustable and can self-locking. The floor surrounded by two kinds of molding a cutting-edge and riveting. Intelligent building wiring due to the complexity of a full-featured, so many qualifying interface. The floor is equipped with double-sided outlet port, avoiding the CD drama steel floor outlet inconvenience. Installation-free beam angle lock, with a solid, stable and easy leveling of the features.
Application areas:
Office and intelligent office environment, OA classrooms, dust-proof water-proof and the need to place overhead. Generally supporting the use of carpet with the box.


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