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Permanent anti-static PVC plastic flooring
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 Permanent anti-static PVC plastic flooring >> Permanent anti-static PVC plastic flooring HC-0509
Permanent anti-static PVC plastic flooring HC-0509
Permanent anti-static PVC plastic flooring
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The product interfaces formed between the use of plastic particles of lead-static network, it has a permanent anti-static function, and the appearance resembles the surface of the marble pattern, with a better decorative effect. Apply to telecommunications, electronic power, microelectronics, medical and other industries program-controlled room, computer rooms, electrical control center, clean purification plant and so require purification and anti-static sites.
Features: homogeneity and thoroughly heart, PVC flooring.
Performance parameters:
Length × width: 600 × 600mm, 610 × 610mm
Thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
HCL-resistant aqueous NaOH-resistant
Alcohol-resistant fuel-resistant
Acetone, detergent-resistant general-resistant
Project name system resistance heating size of the whole-life wear rate of change of the amount of combustion from electrical voltage
Based on DIN51953 GJB2605-1996
5000V-50V GB4085-83
SJ/T11236-2001 GB4085-83
SJ/T11236-2001 GB4609-84
SJ/T11236-2001 SJ/T10694-1996
Indicators 104-106 (conductive)
105-109 (anti-static) "2 seconds <0.25% <0.02g/cm2 <10 Miao <100V
Construction Introduction
(A) the requirements of the ground-based
1, basic ground for terrazzo floors, ceramic tile floor, wood floors, cement mortar on the ground.
2, the ground need to smooth, no obvious uneven roughness of less than two thousandths.
3, the ground must have the strength, since no sand, shelling the phenomenon.
4, the ground be dry, dry freshly ground normally takes 30 days.

(B) the construction procedure
Sweeping the ground → Shop → leads to earth ground lead grid → Tu Tu conductive adhesive glue → → Stones → Floor → welding the floor surface, crevice cleaning → detection performance.

(C) Floor Maintenance
1, should not have with spikes, rough surface, wipe the floor draw weight, drag, avoid wearing shoes with nails on the floor and walk to keep the floor flat and smooth surface.
2, on the floor to avoid placing with a black rubber pad at the end of the chair to the floor to prevent contamination of the black sulfide.
3, floor surface, if oil dirt, available decontamination powder, detergent scrubbing, such as the partial surface is scratch rub hair, can be used fine water sandpaper sanding with water.
4, floor surface as a result of installation of equipment, etc., causing large dirty, I plant a dedicated washing machine to help cleaning service.
5, our factory is equipped with anti-static floor wax maintenance may generally be for six months to play a wax, such as more people frequent, can also play a wax for three months.
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